News and Notes

Sorry I’ve been away so long, guys. Publishing deadlines have gotten the best of me.

In the mean time, a new anthology has just been released, Affinity: an Anthology that contains four new stories from me. This is a great collection that focuses on relationships of all kinds. It’s out now for Kindle. The print version will be available August 11. Check it out:

The publisher is 67 Press. Here’s a link to their website which includes excerpts from stories in the anthology:

Also, as Executive Editor of Blue Monday Review, I’ve been asked to write the occasional column about the craft of writing. Of course, I can’t resist telling stories as part of it. Here’s one of the recent ones:!Narrative-Imperative-What-Makes-a-Story-Great-Part-II/cs30/5594831b0cf28e6871288b08

I’m looking forward to getting my current collection of stories completed. Stay tuned for more information on that release date.